The 8 Week Body Challenge by Celebrity Trainer and Nutritionist Mark Macdonald
You may recognize me from my various television appearances including The Dr. OZ Show, CNN, Chelsea Lately, and HLN. For the last 15 years I�ve been on a mission to inspire, motivate, and empower people to change their lives and believe in themselves.

Through my TV appearances and my work as a trainer I�ve helped millions of people take their health and their body to the next level. My program works with your body to burn fat, build lean muscle, and ignite your metabolism � without dieting.

You�ll learn how to switch your body from fat storing to fat burning mode � causing the excess fat to melt away. My strategies work in harmony with your body to achieve rapid and sustained results you can see and feel.

I�ve unlocked the secret to achieving sustainable weight loss. I�m talking about a virtual on/off button that switches your body from fat storing to fat burning mode!

Even more shocking, you don�t have to part ways with your favorite foods to get your body to melt the excess fat. In fact, the program works better by eating more not less. Really!

I�ve learned that most weight loss goals can be achieved with basic 20 minute workouts 2 or 3 times per week. I�m going to show you how-to burn fat, build lean muscle, and ignite your metabolism � without dieting or restriction.

The 8 Week Body Challenge is a total health and fitness program I created to help people break the yo-yo dieting madness and achieve lasting results once and for all. WThe 8 Week Body Challenge was developed to be plug-and-play so that it would be super easy to follow.

At the core of The 8 Week Body Challenge is a 3 stage process that is designed to help�Read More Detail


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